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Mountfitchet Castle have put into place Covid-19 measures to make your visit safe as well as a whole lot of fun!

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Egg-traordinary Hen!

Why not pop alone to Mountfitchet Castle this weekend and see all our new baby chicks that have hatched. All the mummy’s are free range taking great care of their babies even if they need a lift around the castle.


baby chicks

Elaine the Pen Hen.

Elaine the peahen has hatched 3 beautiful chicks at Mountfitchet Castle, we have 7 babies now this year from our peacocks and peahens.

Elaine nested next to the castle visitor centre and no one knew she was sitting on eggs until she strutted out with her three babies on Monday morning much to everyone’s surprise and delight!

Doting Doris!

Doris our resident female turkey & surrogate mummy at Mountfitchet Castle has hatched a baby duckling and peacock.

All are blissfully unaware they are a strange mix and wander happily around the castle grounds together.

More Egg-citing news!

We are pleased to announce that we have had three new babies hatch yesterday! 

Come along and say hello to our Peachicks, which if you didn’t know, is the name for a baby Peafowl.

“Peacock” is commonly used as the name for a peafowl. But in fact “peacock” is the name for the colourful male peafowl only. The females are called peahens, they are smaller and grey or brown in colour.

Spring at Mountfitchet Castle.

The castle grounds are full of life this spring, so come along this weekend, enjoy the wide open spaces, feed the animals, and relax in the sun. 

Peacock at the castle

Do you think he saurus?

Did you know as well as getting mountfitchet castle and the toy museum included in the admission price we also have a small dinosaur park with various interactive displays for all ages to enjoy

Egg-citing news!

We are so egg-cited as we have new chicks at the Castle. Come along for an egg-tremely great day out, see the chicks and feed the other animals around the Castle grounds as they are all feeling a bit peckish. 

The House on the Hill Toy Museum

The House on the Hill Museum

The House on the Hill Toy Museum is now open at Mountfitchet Castle.

The museum contains over 80,000 items, the largest toy collection in the world with toys from the Victorian era right up to the 1990’s.

Trains, Meccano, Action Man and Sindy to Raleigh Choppers, teddy bears, annuals, games, dolls and dolls houses, Thunderbirds, Star Wars, Six Million Dollar Man, Barbie and Sindy and much more can be seen in this priceless collection.

Find out more…

Everything is open!

After a difficult year for everyone, we are finally able to fully open all of the attractions at Mountfitchet Castle.

So come along for a fun day out and visit The Toy Museum, Dinosaur Park, Norman Village and Castle grounds where the tame animals love to be hand fed.

The café is open for food and drink, and we have a lovely outdoor picnic area, and access to toilets and hand washing facilities.

Mountfitchet Castle Siege Event
Holly the rescue deer taking shelter in a mine

This shelter is all mine!

Holly one of our rescue deer at Mountfitchet Castle, hiding from the spring showers in one of our new 2021 interactive additions the Norman mine.

Come along and explore the Norman mine and other new attractions at the Castle.

Looking for somewhere to take your little monsters?

Come and visit Mountfitchet Castle we even have a new Jail Cart just in case your little monsters are playing up after lockdown.

The Dark Side of Medieval Life

New for 2021 – The Dark Side of Medieval Life attraction is open now at Mountfitchet Castle. 

Velociraptor Nest!

Mountfitchet Castle Staff were astonished to discover where this very brave mumma starling decided to make her nest; inside the mouth of the Velociraptor dinosaur figure that guards the entrance to the House on the Hill Museum part of the Mountfitchet Castle complex. A sign was immediately made and put near the dinosaur to ask visitors be as quiet as possible and try not to disturb her. The eggs have now hatched but one little chick tumbled out of the nest but was swiftly found unhurt and placed safely back where mumma is now busy, toing and froing, feeding her brood.

We hope the brave starling doesn’t get her feathers in a ruffle and comes back again each spring.

Doting Doris

Doris has hatched three beautiful chicks in the castle brew house we would like any suggestions for names for the three chicks?

Thank You!

A really big thanks to all the hardworking staff because today after a routine annual inspection Mountfitchet castle received a 5 star food hygiene and covid-19 compliance rating

Mountfitchet Castle Siege Event

Baby Chicks at the Castle!

Come and meet the baby chicks that have hatched at the castle

Our new Wishing Tree

Wishing trees have been known in various parts of the world for hundreds of years, and some even have festivals which revolve around them. Make your wishes come true with our new wishing tree.

Baby Doves

Meet Derek and Doris our baby doves hatched on the 25th July in our maintenance shed.

New Interactive Archery Display

Medieval archers were soldiers who were skilled in the use of bow and arrow. They were a very important part of both defence and attack. Try our new interactive archery display to see if you have what it takes to defend the Castle!

Interactive Archery display

New for 2021

One of the most popular torture devices in medieval times was the Torture Rack – a sophisticated but rather nasty device that did rather more than just add a few inches to a persons height 😬. Come along and give our new rack a try if you think you’re brave enough!

We are very pleased to announce that we had a baby white Peacock hatch today at the Castle.

Well done to everyone who entered our HALLOWEEN Colouring Competition.
Our winners are:
In the 3-5 years of age category – Holly aged 5
In the 6-8 years of age category – Ethan aged 8
In the 9-13 years of age category – Olivia aged 9

Congratulations we will be emailing our winners and sending their prizes.

Well done to everyone who entered our Siege Weapon Colouring Competition.
Our winners are:

  • In the 3-5 years of age category- Finley age 5
  • In the 6-8 years of age category – Lilly Rumbold age 7
  • In the 9-13 years of age category- Mike Chatters age 9

Congratulations we will be emailing our winners and sending their prizes.

We must give a special shout out to Charlie aged 11 months for his wonderful artwork

Famous Fred the Castle Labrador adopts more ducklings

Fred, the famous Labrador dog who lives at Mountfitchet Castle in Stansted, Essex is not ducking out of his duties as he again steps in to foster seven day-old ducklings. The mother, a Muscovy duck, had fourteen babies yesterday morning but for some reason left half of them behind in the nest when she wandered off to the nearest pond with the other half of the ducklings dutifully following along behind her.

11 year old Fred became famous last year when he fostered nine orphaned ducklings and baby sat them until they were old enough to be integrated into the safety of the medieval castle grounds with all the other animals that roam freely within the 10 acre site.

Fred, the famous Labrador dog


So only this morning, as soon as Fred was shown the little ducklings all huddled together, he instantly lay down around them to keep them warm much to the delight of the Castle’s owner, Jeremy Goldsmith, who breathed a huge sigh of relief when he knew that dear old Fred was willing to step in. “He took to his role like a duck to water”. Fred indicated straight away that there would be no ducking out of his duties as he settled in around them. Within minutes the ducklings accepted their odd looking new mum and were climbing all over him.

Our first chicks have hatched in plenty of time for Easter

We were so pleased to find the 14 freshly hatched Frizzle and Silkie chicks with their very proud mums this morning despite the blustery night. It didn’t seem to have bothered them at all. They will be looking forward to meeting our visitors this Easter so pop us in your diary for a visit and let the children enjoy our free Easter Egg trail.

Mountfitchet Castle - First Chicks

Ghostly Happenings at Haunted Mountfitchet Castle

Latest ghostly happenings at the famously haunted Essex Medieval Castle and Norman village.

The newest resident ghost at Mountfitchet Castle in Stansted, Essex appeared again to startled ground staff late last night. Whilst on their last security check of the evening the two members of staff suddenly became aware of a huge drop in the temperature inside the Grand Hall in the inner bailey of the Norman medieval village and suddenly fleetingly saw the apparition of a hooded monk pass across a doorway and vanish behind the figure of the Baron sitting at his banquet table. The last time this ghost was seen, and captured on camera, in the very same area was back in 2010.

Mountfitchet Castle is open everyday until Sunday 11th Nov and is hoping the ghost will decide to appear again spookily in time for our fun Halloween pumpkin event which is running everyday over the half term until 4th Nov.

Ghostly apparition at Mountfitchet Castle

The cast and crew of the Antiques Road Trip came to Mountfitchet Castle in Stansted today the 14th June to film Diversity’s Jordan Banjo and expert Philip Serrell for a scene for an episode of the popular day time show on BBC.

Antiques Road Trip & Diversity
18 Ducklings at Mountfitchet Castle

No ducking out of this one, its double trouble!

Once again, Mountfitchet Castle in Stansted has been blessed with another batch of not nine but eighteen freshly hatched ducklings, but Labrador Fred, the famous father of nine ducklings won’t have to worry this time as their mother is carefully looking after her brood and she proudly brought them out of their nest for the first time this morning to have a wander around the castle grounds.

Fred is still being kept busy with his brood but they are growing up fast now so he is beginning to get more well-earned rest times from the mischievous youngsters.

Nine Lives for Nine Ducklings

Fred the resident dog at Mountfitchet Castle in Stansted stepped up to the challenge when nine little ducklings became orphaned last Thursday. The ducklings’ mum had disappeared and a member of staff found them waddling around the castle grounds alone. The team were very worried about the ducklings but Fred, a 10 year old Labrador, immediately took to them and has been babysitting ever since.

The ducklings absolutely adore him and he has now resigned himself to being a stay at home dad looking after the 9 baby ducklings. They are getting very mischievous even hitching a ride on his back and following him in to the water for a swim in the castle moat.