Medium Report by Richard Gregory

When I first entered the main hall, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of someone being brought before the Lord. My knees were shaking and I had a real feeling of dread.

Proceeding into the armoury I felt dizzy and had to sit down on the stairs. I picked up on a subservient man that had been beaten and I felt that I had old and badly healed fractures to my arm. I felt also that I had the 2 middle fingers of my right hand missing and that this was due to deliberate injury. This man was hunched over and I had the feeling that he was around 5 ‘5″ and unkempt. I also felt a tightness around my chest and found it difficult to breathe.

I had chosen to do my vigil in the bedchamber. During this time, I was very aware of someone by my left shoulder. We also experienced equipment problems. The stills camera took a picture by itself and the video switched itself on and rewound the tape. Interestingly, when the camera went by itself it snapped a picture that, in my mind, is undoubtedly spirit!

During our tea break my wife, Sarah, picked up on burials outside of the castle area. I stated that the only reason that the burials would have taken place outside of the castle would have been because of something like the Black Death. We later learned that, at this time, John (QR code 8) had picked up on the Black Death whilst Still in the main hall.

I have to agree with John that this is one of the best investigations that I have been on for a very long time. The whole team were extremely pleased with the investigation, but feel that there is much more to do at the castle. We would welcome another chance to come back next year and perhaps see what we find across the rest of the site.

I would like to thank you again for your hospitality and for allowing us the chance to undertake such an interesting site.

Kindest regards


Photograph taken inside the Grand Hall at Mountfitchet Castle