Voices, footsteps and door slamming in the visitor centre shop

Over the years since the castle opened in 1984 the original gift shop used to be a shed. When this shop first opened lots of strange and unusual things started to happen, doors would sometimes shut, but no one had shut them and footsteps could be heard from time to time when no one was around to make them. Then in 1992 the gift shop you stand in today got constructed and the paranormal activity has continued. Footsteps have continued to be heard, particularly running across top floor above the shop, doors have slammed shut and voices have been heard. When the new shop was being constructed evidence was found of a possible road that came down from the castle hill and went across the (now) car park and over the river and it is thought that maybe by creating a shop in this location the presence of people has been brought back, hence possibly explaining the paranormal activity here.