Official Report for the Ghost-Hunting Investigations by the Internationally known Clearsight Paranormal Investigations team

Report by John Cox Medium

On the night of August 8th 2008 I picked up on the following during the investigation at Mountfitchet Castle.

In the Grand Hall I initially picked up on a lot of back ground noise such as early string instruments and Celtic drums. I was also aware of laughter, and general celebration type noise with lots of plates and mugs ‘clinking.’ There was a feeling of well-being and a sense of relaxing after a hard time. Then in the back room — the armoury – I felt a lot of pain and sadness, as well as anger and hatred. As I then ascended the staircase, I felt that I was being pushed over to the left. My head was dizzy and I felt very unsteady on my feet, with a feeling of lost balance. Once at the top of the staircase I was initially drawn to the room at the back. I am unable to reason why, but I had a strong feeling of nastiness there.

I then descended the staircase and went outside of the Grand Hall.

At first there was a sense of nothing, and slowly the Spirit life started to come out. Firstly, I picked up on the music and drums again, and then I connected with a male spirit, who showed me he was a tall man, with a full beard and a bit of a paunch. I was able to feel that he had a connection with cooking and providing food. His name started with the letter “E”.

Towards the back of the hall, I was able to connect with a slight male spirit, who had red / ginger hair and was wearing rough cloth type clothing with bare feet. He seemed to be on trial, and I was able to gain that he was on trial for theft. He had been caught stealing bread to “feed my starving family”, he was then kneeling to face the table in the room. At the same time, I felt the other spirits laughing at him. The young man was no older than 21, and was bound at the wrists and had a form of (wooden) shackle fastened to his ankles.

During the vigil, both Chrissie and myself noticed large temperature changes, both hotter and colder and upon calling out, were treated to knocks and banging.

We then went to the rear area of the house and up to the bedroom area. I was able to link in with the young spirit man from the main hall area, at the same time I had a tightening around my throat. It became clear that the young spirit male had been hanged “as a warning to the others.” I then had a strong feeling of illness, devastating illness. My Spirit Guide informed me these people had died on mass, from the Black Death, and was shown the year to be 1368.

The Spirit also enquired as to the location of the “plague pits” by this I understood that they were referring to the burial sites for the Black Death victims.

Both Chrissie and I left the Grand Hall at this point and went outside in to the “keep” area, here I took a number of photographs and was able to capture a variety of Orbs in different sizes and colours. I also managed to catch a faint luminescent shape on the corner of the Grand Hall.

I re-entered the Grand Hall to carry out a séance, along with other members of the team. During the séance we encountered a number of Spirits – none hostile towards us – they also treated us to some seriously loud bangs on request. There were a number of other Spirits who circled the group. I feel that they were as curious at our presence as we were to theirs.

During the evening I was continually drawn towards other areas of Mountfitchet Castle and keep, particularly the area that was set up as a small village or hamlet, but on this occasion we ran out of time so we were unable to investigate this area or the reports of Spirit activity in the Café area.

I found the investigation at Mountfitchet Castle to be one of the most enjoyable and interesting investigations I have carried out for very long time.

Photograph taken inside the Grand Hall at Mountfitchet Castle