Winter at Mountfitchet Castle

A look at Mountfitchet Castle during the winter months.

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Mountfitchet Castle during the winter months is a hive of activity from the time we close in November until we open in March. We use this valuable time whilst closed to schedule essential maintenance tasks and to ensure that we don’t disrupt anybody’s enjoyment whilst visiting either the Castle and Norman village or the Toy Museum during our open season.

The animals stay in the castle grounds all winter and are fed, watered and monitored twice daily throughout our closed season. The dinosaurs are let loose in a nearby forest to fend for themselves and rounded up again two weeks before we open!

Want to know what the Castle and Norman village looks like under a blanket of snow? in a word…Beautiful. Check out these photo’s and videos.

Snow at Mountfitchet Castle
Duck in the snow at Mountfitchet Castle
Mountfitchet Castle in winter