Mountfitchet Castle & Norman Village

The Norman Motte and Bailey Castle has so much to see, with its wide open spaces, reconstructed historical buildings, and free roaming animals, there’s something for all the family.

Motte & Bailey Castle
Motte and Bailey Castle at sunrise

Come and explore the Castle and roam through the Norman village hidden behind the castle walls, wander in and out of the many houses and listen out for the ancient Church bell tolling serenely across the grounds.

Mountfitchet Castle is unique as being the only wooden Motte and Bailey castle and village to be reconstructed on it’s original historic site anywhere in the world.

Mountfitchet Castle is a Norman Motte and Bailey Castle and Village, re-constructed on its original historic ancient site, complete with many different buildings, siege weapons and animals roaming freely throughout the 10 acre site, providing a unique insight into community life in Domesday England.