House On The Hill Museum for Schools

The House On the Hill Museum is a renowned educational visitor attraction encompassing a wealth of social history found all under one roof. A visit to the Museum is an invaluable part of the national curriculum for all school children, not only primary age, but for all school ages to experience.

The famous House on the Hill Museum offers an amazing array of over 80,000 toys, games and books from the 18th Century to the 1980’s, together with military displays, particularly from WW1 and WW2. How better to see the illustration of the Social History of our time, portrayed through toys, books, games, music, entertainment and family amusement. Children can see for themselves, the amazing transformation through the years of our toys, from the first basic automata toys made from wood, to today’s electronic and digital super toys. Also view our fantastic display on the 1914-1918 and 1930-1945 World Wars, including the Blitz years.

House on the Hill Museum Stansted, Essex
World War I, II museum

Within the Museum we now have an interactive WWII Home Front exhibition where the school children can experience the feeling of wearing a gas mask and can try on various genuine helmets from those nostalgic war years. We have information sheets for teachers to read out to the children whilst showing them the itemised WWII memorabilia. Children can learn about Air Raids and see our working portable air raid siren and get an insight into life during the Blitz in a truly hands on experience.


THE HISTORY OF TOYS – We can provide a box of labelled toys and a laminated ‘talk’ to read out to the children.

THE HOME FRONT – We now have an educational box of original WWII items designed to teach children of all ages about the Home Front, including the Blitz, Evacuation, Rationing, Blackouts, Air Raid Shelters and the like. This is provided with laminated information sheets to read out to the children.

Stansted House on the Hill Museum