Disabled Access

Polite Notice

For disabled and able-bodied people with any mobility concerns please read this notice before entering the Mountfitchet Castle complex.

Whilst every effort has been made to enable wheelchair access the owners of Mountfitchet Castle and the House on the Hill Museum feel they must point out and list a few of the obstacles that you will encounter during your visit to both attractions.

Mountfitchet Castle is a Grade II listed monument governed by the Dept for the Environment. The Grade II listed status awarded to many buildings and sites throughout the UK must adhere to a very strict code at all times and stops the re-sculpting and digging and alteration of historical features and earthworks and therefore we are unable to add disabled concrete ramps and handrails as this would be breaking their rules. The Mountfitchet Castle site was constructed in 1066 on a fortified strategic mount therefore has various access problems to wheelchair and disabled users. To access the inner and outer Bailey you need to ascend/descend a grassy slope, roughly a 45 degree angle in places, which can be slippery and muddy in certain weather conditions. Entrance into the main gate is surfaced with the original cobble stone footpath which can be problematic to wheelchair users and their helpers. Inside the Norman village are various small oak doorways, wooden stairways, steps and towers for the public to ascend/descend which again are problematic for disabled access.

The House on the Hill Museum, true to its name, is situated on top of a steep hill which is ascended/descended, via the visitor centre, by a concrete path with steep inclines in places which could be quite demanding for disabled and wheelchair users. Certain weather conditions will also affect the slipperiness of the surface. The museum is situated on two levels, the aeroplane and forts’ room is accessed via a two tiered stairway and the Meccano room is accessed by a 20 step stairway, both are without disabled lifts due to the financial constraints of a privately owned and run

The management and owners of Mountfitchet Castle Experience in no way want to deter disabled or able bodied people with mobility concerns to visit but you should be fully aware that the site does have some access problems (stairs, slopes, ramps etc.) therefore all admissions are final and no refunds will be given. By paying for your admission you are accepting these terms and conditions within the Castle and Museum complex.

If you do decide to enter the Mountfitchet Castle Complex we really hope you enjoy your visit. If you have any other concerns prior to entering please speak to a member of staff and we will try and help you with any issues that you may still have.

Jeremy Goldsmith (Owner)