The House on the Hill Museum

The House on the Hill Museum is one of our country’s most popular visitor attractions for both young and old.
Green vintage toy car
Display cabinets at The House on the Hill Museum
House on the Hill Museum

The House on the Hill Museum is the largest collection of Toys in the world, with at least 80,000 toys, books and games on display from late Victorian times up to 1990’s.

How better to see the illustration of the social history of our times portrayed through toys, books, games, music, entertainment and family amusement.

The museum also houses a WWI & WWII Blitz and Battle of Britain display, Showbiz Collection and a Rock ‘n’ Roll exhibition. There are many hands-on activities throughout the museum including a puppet theatre, Lego and Brio tables, Quiots to test your skills and WWI & WWII helmets and masks to try on.

From trains, lead and tin toys, Meccano, Action Man and Sindy to Raleigh Choppers, teddy bears, annuals, games, dolls and dolls houses.

If you liked Thunderbirds, Star Wars, Six Million Dollar Man, Barbie and Sindy then you’ll love our Museum.

It’s a gigantic Aladdin’s cave of nostalgia and we challenge you not to say “I used to have one of those!”

The House on the Hill is also home to our Showbiz Collection where you will see items such as the famous Only Fools and Horses three wheeled van and a large Dads Army display.

Daleks, TARDIS, and cyberman in House on the Hill Museum

Also some amazing film and TV artefacts including props, costumes and life size figures from Star Wars and Dr Who, come and see the Tardis and Daleks as used in the famous films and programmes.

Don’t miss the Rock ‘n’ Roll exhibition celebrating the golden era of the 60’s and 70’s. See our original Wurlitzer Juke Box, rare concert posters and a vast amount of guitars signed by the stars of the time.

Marvel at the life-size figures of the Beatles, Elvis and even an animated Marilyn Monroe.

The Museum is full of surprises around every corner. You can enjoy playing on the ‘end of the pier’ amusement slot machines with real old pennies and see the ‘What the Butler Saw’ machines that shocked Edwardian England.

View a fascinating display on the 1914- 1918 and 1939-1945 World Wars including the Blitz years and Battle of Britain memorabilia and relics.

Stand next to life sized figures of Pirates, Cowboys, Clowns, Terminator and even a giant Polar Bear for super photo opportunities.

Did you know we have the only surviving replica of the Royal Crown Jewels in England? And when was the last time you saw a Sinclair C5?

A great hands-on and interactive experience.

So….don’t forget to visit the Museum whilst here at Mountfitchet Castle.

Spookily located within the Museum is The Haunted Manor, if you’re feeling brave enough to walk through the chilling chambers to the bewitched Victorian bedroom then a small extra entrance fee per person applies if you dare! Encounter our life sized dinosaurs on the way to the museum and try your hand at Fossil hunting in our Palaeontology House, can you find the Velociraptors claw?